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How do I get the bet365bingo app on my device?

To download the bet365bingo app to your iPhone or iPad, simply search for ‘bet365bingo’ in the App Store then follow the installation instructions. The Mobile Bingo app is supported on iOS 10 or higher.

For Android devices, go to bingo.bet365.com in your browser and start the download. You will need to allow the installation of Apps from sources other than the Play Store to begin. Once the download is complete, follow the instructions provided. The Mobile Bingo app is supported on Android 4.4 or higher.

Can I play Bingo on my mobile or tablet without downloading the bet365bingo app?

To play in your browser simply visit bingo.bet365.com.

Why does the bet365bingo app offer a better experience?

With extra features available it’s the easiest and best way to play Mobile Bingo. Features include:

A dedicated Games section with more top titles to choose from than ever before – such as Rainbow Riches, Wild Gambler and Foxin’ Wins.

A prize-packed Promotions section giving you the chance to win fantastic holiday breaks and great cash rewards.

A new Coming Up feature making it even easier to find your favourite Bingo games and latest schedules.

Improved security and easier access to your account using fingerprint recognition technology, Touch ID (available for iOS users only).

Download the bet365bingo app for maximum enjoyment.

What iOS features are compatible with the bet365bingo app?

Touch ID

Apple Touch ID uses fingerprint recognition, so you can access applications and accounts faster and more securely.

- To use the Bingo app Touch ID function, simply activate Touch ID via the settings menu on a compatible device equipped with iOS 10 or higher.

- Log in to the Bingo app and enable the Touch ID feature when prompted.

- Your fingerprint will then be synced to your account and will be requested each time you log in.

3D Touch

Apple 3D Touch gives you access to your favourite games and suggested hotspots directly from the application icon.

- To use the Bingo app 3D Touch function, simply activate 3D Touch via the settings menu on a compatible device equipped with iOS 10 or higher.

- Hold your finger on the Bingo app icon to bring up a list of recently played and suggested games, as well as a quick access link to the Bingo lobby.

Schedule Widget

The schedule widget provides access to the next available Bingo game via your home screen. The widget will be available to use as soon as you download the app, simply activate it to enjoy instant Bingo action.


Apple Spotlight is an integrated function within your iOS device and we have now aligned our Bingo app so you can search for your favourite games by simply entering their name.

How much will Mobile Bingo cost me to use?

This service is provided free to anyone with a bet365 account. The only charges are those applied by your mobile service provider for using their data services. For data charge information please contact your mobile service provider.

What happens if I lose my signal during a game?

If you lose signal during a game your game will continue to play and any winnings will be credited to your account.

Can I use Mobile Bingo abroad?

Yes you can, as long as your mobile service provider allows you to roam and the network you have roamed onto supports GPRS. You can also use the bet365bingo app abroad by logging in at any Wi-Fi hotspots.

Do I need to open a separate account to play on Mobile Bingo?

No, you don't. The same account you use for bet365bingo is also valid for play on Mobile Bingo.

Why would the graphics of my game slow down whilst playing?

Some devices have poor quality audio players that may cause the graphics to be jerky. Turn off sounds in your device settings and the graphics should improve.

Am I affected by content blocking?

UK mobile service providers have a policy of blocking certain types of content and services on their network. This has been done in order to prevent anyone under the age of 18 from accessing these services. In most cases this can be removed with a phone call to your mobile service provider.

What if I have problems accessing Mobile Bingo?

If you are unable to access Mobile Bingo via your browser, then this is possibly because of content blocking put in place by your mobile service provider. In most cases this can be removed with a phone call to your mobile service provider.

If you have already spoken to your mobile service provider and are still unable to access Mobile Bingo, please Contact Us and one of our Customer Service advisors will be pleased to assist you.

How can I fund my Mobile Bingo account?

You can deposit in exactly the same way as you do on your desktop, using the same range of payment methods. It is also possible to transfer funds from your other bet365 balances into Mobile Bingo.